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What Our Patients Say

testimonial boxWhat others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Harmony Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions. Yours in health, Dr. Curt Buss

What New Patients Are Saying…


See what people have to say

  • Thanks! Very friendly and professional environment.

    - Annessa W.
  • I felt like everything I had concerns about were taken seriously and were addressed in the explanation of my treatment plan. I felt very comfortable and the staff had a super positive attitude and really showed how much they cared about me and my well being.

    - Mark L.
  • Looking forward to feeling better. Thank you to the staff for being so welcoming. I have recommended Harmony to all my friends on Facebook.

    - Larissa O.
  • I really enjoy working with Dr. Curt and his staff. You always feel at home and your in good hands.

    - Chris S.
  • Professional and courteous.

    - Jordan B.
  • Looking forward to getting my family under the care of a chiropractor again.

    - David H.
  • Had never been to a chiropractor and was impressed with the equipment and service.

    - Anne S.
  • Thank you guys for your excellent service!

    - Enrique R.
  • Thank you for your compassion to myself and my son!

    - Nikki A.
  • I’m impressed with Dr. Buss, his staff, and his plan for improving my health through a combination of adjustments and exercise. His office hours are conducive to my irregular schedule. I’m very hopeful my issues will be greatly relieved.

    - Amber R.
  • I love Harmony Chiropractic. The staff and Dr. Buss were all so patient with my 2 month old son Nicholas and did a awesome job working with him! Dr. Buss is awesome with infants and made me feel so comfortable when it came to handing over my son for adjustments!

    - Laura H.
  • I will highly recommend to friends and family.

    - Nicole D.
  • Very friendly environment, great first experience, would recommend to family and friends. Doctor and staff are very attentive to needs and take the time to listen and help.

    - Ayde R.
  • Enjoyed getting to meet both of you. Thank you for your time and “hands”.

    - Carolyn G.
  • Off to a great start! Dr. Curt and Chris made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I stepped in the office. Dr. Curt is extremely personable and in touch with the needs of the patient. I’m looking forward to my next visit and feel as though I’m definitely in the right hands. Results are just around the corner!

    - Sean T.

Absolutely Wonderful

This was my first time going to a chiropractor and at first I was a bit confused about the process, but Chris was nice enough to direct me and provide support. We looked into Chiropractic care for our young son, and Dr. Curt is absolutely wonderful with our infant.

~ Elizabeth E.

I Am Very Pleased

I am very pleased with the overall experience at Harmony Chiropractic. The staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. They came highly recommended and the recommendation was spot on!

~ John D.

Left Feeling Better

I felt very encouraged by Dr. Buss’s methods and enthusiasm about success in healing my back. The staff was amazing and helped take care of my son and entertain him so I could talk to Dr. Buss. I left feeling a lot better than when I walked in!

~ Andrea J.

Very Helpful

Chris was very helpful in watching my daughter while I was seen by Dr Curt. My daughter enjoyed the toys and atmosphere.

~ Angela C.

Felt Heard and Understood

I appreciated how quickly my daughter could be seen and the attention to her issues. She felt heard, understood, and confident that relief was possible.

~ Margaret F.

So Awesome And Caring

I’m so glad that God led me to you, I had pain and listened to my body. Like you said Dr. Curt my body was telling me something is wrong. You and your staff are so awesome and caring. I did put a comment on Facebook about my first visit, that I would highly recommend you. Thank you so much. P.S. – you have an adorable looking family (from photo in your office). God Bless

~ Suzan Schlipp

Made Time For Me

I appreciate that time was made to see me after hours. I’m sure staff would love to go home after a long day, yet they stayed and were sincerely helpful and encouraging. No hurry-no rush! They made special time for me when they didn’t have to. It was a very nice first visit. I can’t wait until the next!

~ Tony O.

Team Effort

I like that I felt relaxed and at ease unsure of what to expect. Dr. Buss listened to me and my concerns then asked questions to get a better understanding of what my priorities would be as well as what issues he felt should be addressed first. I think it’s great that it’s like a team effort.

~ Stacy H.

Have Found Relief

Omg where has he been my whole life ? At 69 years old I finally found some relief in my neck after 2 visits and I can sleep comfortably at night. I’m convinced he will be a long time friend in my health regime. I look forward to Monday Wednesday Friday just to know each night I will be sleeping great.

~ Angela D.

Wonderful Staff

Such a wonderful office and staff, very patient and kind and understanding. Dr. Buss is very caring about your health and helpful taking the time to listen and help you. We appreciate the honesty and encouragement and knowledge provided to better our families health.

~ Chante K.


I felt very comfortable at my first visit. Chris made me feel very much at home when I first walked in. Dr. Buss greeted me right away and put me at ease immediately. He patiently listened and inquired about my complaints. I really felt he cared.

~ Theresa R.


Dr. Buss is a very caring and very experienced chiropractor. He takes the time to listen to my issues and goes beyond what I would expect a doctor to provide in health care. His staff is always very helpful and professional in all that they do. Visiting Harmony Chiropractic is uplifting and always brings me to a better place!

~ Linda T.

Thank You

Thank you for seeing me on such a short notice.

~ Barbara R.

Great Referral

Thanks to Natalie Olsen for the great referral!I will send others your way, too!

~ Gail W.


Great! I hope it really will get rid of my pain COMPLETELY.

~ Lai F.


Feel very comfortable with the doctor and staff members. Very professional and pleasant.

~ Meghan L.


The only time and I would have to say would be I hope I can finally get some relief from the discomfort that has seem to be taking over my life from seeing doctor after doctor after specialist after specialist I’m truly hopeful that I found someone that understands the eagerness in treatment that works. Instead of getting passed around like a dollar bill. I’ve always been looking for Dr House. Hopefully in your practice you won’t give up so easily like the other doctors have in my life. My daughter being 6 going on 7 are the most precious moments of a child’s life that last forever. And I feel like her childhood is slipping by me because I can’t participate in any of the activities. So I hope this is my final stop to recovery thank you.

~ Angela B.

Kind And Helpful

Thank you. Everyone was extremely kind and helpful.

~ Rachael L.

Smiling Faces

You were all so nice with smiling faces. Thank you,

~ Valerie K.

Ryan Cumbee and Marmion Coaches

Ryan Cumbee and Marmion Coaches

I was able to wrestle with our team

This past season, the Marmion Academy wrestling team benefited greatly from the generosity of Dr. Buss. He selflessly donated his time and service to our wrestlers to help with injury prevention and treatment to better prepare them for practice and competition. He played a vital role in helping our team compete at their optimal level while achieving much success. read more»

I can also speak from my own experience in trusting Dr. Buss to help treat me and many of my ailments. Wrestling for the last 23 years has taken a toll on my body. Most of my injuries heal with time, however many linger and cause much pain and discomfort. As a result of the treatment I received from Dr. Buss, I was able to wrestle with our team, which is an essential part of my coaching philosophy. There is no substitute for wrestling during practice, and I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Buss for affording me that opportunity through his effective treatments. I am incredibly thankful to Dr. Buss for his time, assistance, expertise, and more importantly, his friendship. ~ Head Coach Ryan Cumbee

Marvin Pre Xray

Marvin Pre Xray

Chiropractic care has changed my life

My name is Marvin and I have been a patient here at Harmony for about a year now. I started coming in with chronic low back pains. The intensity of the pain was so severe that I could barely walk and I was restricted to what movements I could and could not do. The pain had over taken my everyday life. I had never been to a chiropractor before and had never really taken great care of my spine. A woman who I worked with had told me about her chiropractor because she knew how much pain I was in. I really didn’t want to have to take pain killers or end up getting surgery so I decided to go in…BEST decision I could have made! A year later and I have never felt better! I feel 100% all the time and I am now able to walk without pain.

Marvin Post x-ray

Marvin Post x-ray

Chiropractic care has changed my life. I am a lot healthier and happier now. The staff here at Harmony has been wonderful. They answer any questions I may have and have a great attitude towards patients. I plan on continuing care at Harmony because I never want to get back to how much pain I was in before and I know with Dr. Curt’s help I won’t have to worry about that. ~ Marvin B.

Adam Kadela

Adam Kadela All Big-Ten Northwestern Linebacker 2003-2007

Found a new level of success on the field

When I first suffered nerve damage in my neck early in my football career, I thought my days as a linebacker were over. It wasn’t until I visited Dr. Buss and added chiropractic treatment to my recovery protocol that I was able to return to the field without any lingering issues. I continued to see Dr. Buss on a regular basis throughout my college career, and his care helped me reach a new level of success on the field because my body was better able to adapt and recover from training in the weight room and on the practice field. ~ Adam Kadela All Big-Ten Northwestern Linebacker 2003-2007

Patti H.

Patti H.

I have my life back! What a gift.

My name is Patti. I have spondilothesis and myelopathy. I have suffered from Spondilothesis since the early 1980’s. No doctor could provide answers for me. I was in so much pain. I could not stand, walk or sleep. I had to have a motorized scooter because walking, even for a few minutes, was a difficult task. My life was miserable. I couldn’t do the things I once enjoyed. Help seemed something that would never happen for me. read more»

I was prescribed pain pills and physical therapy. I had been taking the pain medication for at least 10 years. I had been doing the physical therapy, both on land and in water. Nothing was really working. At least, not permanently. I saw the flyer for a free spine evaluation being held at the Salvation Army up at the Lazerous House. I figured maybe Dr.Curt would be able to tell me something I hadn’t been told before. And sure enough, he did. I have been getting adjusted for several months now and am a new woman! I am so thankful for what Dr.Curt and Erin have brought to my life. I honestly have my life back! I sold my motorized scooter because I can walk on my own for the first time in YEARS. I even went grocery shopping without feeling fatigued. I am no longer in pain. I went from feeling 80 years old to feeling 30 years old. Never did I think my life would be a wonderful as it is now. Gardening, cleaning, shopping, camping and riding bikes are no longer a thing of the past. I am always amazed at the amount of people Dr.Curt and Erin reach. For such a busy office, I never feel like a number. I am greeted with a bright and cheery smile and warm welcome by Erin every time I come in. She always knows my name and remembers what is going on in my life. Dr.Curt always has time to listen to me and help me with what I need. I have learned so much in my short time of being here. I will never stop coming in for my adjustments. This experience has been so wonderful. I truly have my life back. If you ever see me in the office, I will tell you so! ~ Patti H.

Janet F.

Janet F.

My Chiropractic Experience

My name is Janet Ford. I have been coming in for just over a month. When I started with the clinic I was experiencing left shoulder stiffness, lower back pain and severe sinus pain. It was hard for me to get a good night’s sleep. I would wake up still tired, making work hard. I was unable to exercise and do the things I wanted to do. read more»

Since the beginning of care, not only has the pain in my shoulder and back gone away and my sinuses cleared up, but I have been able to lose weight. I have improved to a point where I can sleep soundly through the night, waking up felling refreshed. What I never anticipated was the overall sense of wellbeing that this wellness care has given me. I am starting my son with care this summer and look forward to seeing the change in his health too. ~ Janet F.

Dylan L.

Dylan L.

ADD, Turrets, OCD, Depression and Poor Self-Esteem… One Child’s Story

My name is Dylan. I am 11 years old. I have atypical ADD, turrets, OCD, depression and poor self-esteem. I was taking drugs to “help” my conditions but they just ended up causing other symptoms. I had a lack of appetite, lethargy and my suicidal thoughts worsened. School work suffered. Homework would last from after school until bedtime. It was a constant battle. I was unable to focus and listen to direction. I had very unusual behavior that included head and eye ticks. Those made it very hard to read and concentrate. My depression caused suicidal thoughts and self harming actions. My parents were educated by Dr.Curt about the nervous system and my body’s ability to heal and function at 100% on its own. My Mom and Dad brought me in to get checked and it saved my life. read more»

Now after being adjusted and doing my exercises for over one year, I no longer take any medications. I have started taking Omega 3 to help decrease my periods of depression rather than using the anti depressants that were only harming me. I have been doing a cellular detox to get all of the metals and toxins hindering me from healing and adding to my ADD, OCD and Turrets. My ability to focus and my attitude have improved so much. The ticks are working their way out. I can really feel a difference in my everyday life. Being happy was something I wasn’t for so long. My family says I am much easier to live with now. I am more agreeable and helpful. Most of all, I enjoy helping out. School life is actually pleasant and learning is much easier. I get my homework done in a much shorter time and it’s never a struggle. I know that because I am getting adjusted and doing my exercises I am healing at 100%. My family has been working on better nutrition and taking supplements on a regular basis. Getting adjusted is exactly what I needed. I wish my friends at school and church would take advantage of this amazing opportunity. ~ Dylan L.

Jacki M.

Jacki M.

I have never felt so good!

My name is Jacki. I am 17 years old. My passion is soccer. I play all year round on several teams. Through the years I have really beat up my body due to sports. I developed lower back pain, headaches, congestion and knee problems due to my serious physical schedule. I am also a full time high school student holding down a part time job. Stress and lack of sleep are things I just learned to deal with. Not knowing there was a solution to my ailments, I was pleased to hear when my Mom’s cousin recommended Dr.Curt. read more»

I didn’t matter what time of year it was, I would be playing soccer and I would be so stuffed up. It is so hard to run and play a good game when you can’t breathe. I would push myself to play my very hardest for every game. After doing this season after season, my knees and back started to give me trouble. I would have to ice my knees after every practice and game because they were so swollen and sore. My neck and back would cause me so much pain I would dread getting up in the morning. I knew medicine did not fix the cause. I began seeing Dr.Curt and immediately felt amazing change in my back. As time went on people noticed a change in my walk, mood and game playing. I could run and breathe with no problem at all. I don’t have to ice my back and knees anymore and can workout and play soccer better than ever! I am going to continue getting adjustments and doing my exercises, knowing it is what will lead me to better health and performance. I recommend chiropractic to everyone because I have never felt so good! -Jacki M.

Johnny R.

Johnny R.

I have unlocked my true potential!

My name is Johnny Reuter. I am 13 years old. I have been getting adjusted for seven months. Before I started coming in I had severe seasonal allergies. I was getting allergy shots two times a week and at each visit I received three shots! Due to my allergies I couldn’t really play outside in the grass because I would get itchy. My eyes would turn red and everyone though I had “pink eye”. I had trouble breathing at night due to my sinuses being blocked. I found it hard to stay focused because I was always sniffing and blowing my nose or wiping my eyes. read more»

Now I smell things better because my nose isn’t stuffed anymore. I feel less itchy and I haven’t sneezed this entire allergy season. My sleep is deeper and I breathe quietly at night. I use to snore and breathe really loud. I can roll in the grass and play with my friends. I missed that so much. I no longer have itchy red eyes. It’s so nice to be able to act my age again! I plan to continue to get adjusted on a weekly basis. The exercises I have been doing will continue to be a part of my life. They keep my sinuses free and clear. I tell my friends about chiropractic and thanks to my family, I will have chiropractic for the rest of my life. I can heal on my own without medication and because my parents love me so much, I live life to my fullest potential! -Johnny R.



My 3 week old son had Colic…

My son had severe symptoms of colic such as bloating, gas, irregular bowel movements and excessive screaming and crying that lasted several hours everyday. I brought him into our pediatrician’s office and she referred us to Dr.Curt. His symptoms disrupted our daily routine completely. It was difficult to complete household chores such as cleaning and laundry. We rarely took him out of the house due to the excessive screaming. No one in our house would get more than 3 hours of sleep at a time and it was beginning to really wear on us. So we decided to bring him in to get adjusted and prayed that would solve our problem. read more»

Aiden has only been getting adjusted for three weeks and his bowel movements have increased and become more regular. He only appears to have gas pain occasionally He cries due to stomach only a few times a week instead of several times a day. His screaming and crying is now a very rare thing. We have seen tremendous change in our little boy. He’s happier and more content. We are leading a more peaceful, less stressful life. We enjoy spending more time with him and helping him get back to 100%. We want to keep him at 100% even after all his symptoms have gone away so we will be bringing him in for the next several months to get adjusted. He will also get care as he gets older….with walking, falling, bumping into things, and just being a child, he’ll need to be checked and adjusted. We have been pleasantly surprised as to how chiropractic helped our little boy. I never knew it could help with colic. -Aiden’s Mom

Ray W.

Ray W.

I lowered my High Blood Pressure with chiropractic adjustments, healthy diet and exercise. It CAN be done!

My name is Ray. Before I started getting adjusted at Harmony Chiropractic I had High Blood Pressure that started in 2005. I was donating blood and during a routine blood pressure check they discovered my blood pressure was irregularly high. I was prescribed a blood pressure medication and had been taking it everyday. I was also eating unhealthy food, had a lot of everyday stress and I used to believe age had something to do with it as well. I didn’t know what was really causing my high blood pressure. read more»

After being put on medication for this I made more of an effort to eat better and exercise more. My average systolic reading at that time was 130 and my average diastolic reading at that time was 90-95. It was urgent for me to regulate my blood pressure again. Just so happened that my wife (who is also a patient) was referred to this office from a bunch of people she works with at the South Elgin Parks and Recreation. I decided to set up an appointment as well. I began getting adjusted July of 2007. My numbers were still high and I began tracking my reading more regularly as I continued getting adjusted. After getting adjusted for 1 year for 2-3 times a week, my numbers went from 95/130 to 120/80! I am no longer taking medication to regulate my blood pressure, just getting adjusted! I continue to get adjusted 1 time a week. And I will continue this as long as I do not want to be on medication. Dr.Curt has taken so much time to educate me in health and wellness. I have learned how to change and improve me health and lifestyle. Dr.Curt takes time for every patient to educate them. I have enjoyed going to many of his workshops. I really encourage everyone to get under Dr.Curt’s care. Change can only happen if you want it and work for it! -Ray W.

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