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Pediatric Chiropractic at Harmony Chiropractic

Care for All Ages

Parents know when something is not quite right with their child. Harmony Chiropractic welcomes all children and prides itself on offering multi-generational services. Whether it’s an infant expressing discomfort, an elementary-aged student with daily headaches, or a middle school athlete with growing pains, chiropractic care can be the gentle, holistic way to happier and healthier children. Dr. Buss, once a chiropractic patient in his youth, understands from personal experience there is nothing more gentle and safe than chiropractic care for a child. In babies and toddlers, the birth process places significant pressure and tension on their spines.

Chiropractic care can unwind that tension they’ve carried since their birth and as a result, young children will sleep better, latch more easily, have more side-to-side movement in their bodies and have better bowel movements.

Gentle Adjustments, Big Results

Mothers who are adjusted during pregnancy have told Dr. Buss they noticed a marked difference compared to their pregnancies without adjustments. That’s an important case study done right in their own homes. Mom is happier after adjustments and babies and toddlers will be as well. When it comes to older children, their quickly developing bodies can make it tough for the muscles and tendons to keep up with the rapidly lengthening bones. Those in athletics may be wearing insufficient footwear and overtraining, compounding the alignment issues they have from growing pains. Kids are also experiencing a concerning level of “tech necks,” where their spine is out of alignment due to the frequent use of tech devices. All of this sets the stage for degenerative spine conditions far earlier than it normally would.

Addressing Common Complaints

ADD/ADHD, digestion issues, and headaches can also be eased with regular chiropractic care. It’s the best doctor visit a child or teen will ever have – it’s like a gentle hug for the spine. And in cases where children may be apprehensive about treatment, Dr. Buss has a secret weapon: a pet (stuffed) monkey which children can adjust themselves; this helps show children how an adjustment works, is simple, and is gentle.

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