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Meet the Harmony Chiropractic Team

Chris Riek, Licensed Massage Therapist


Chris Riek, Licensed Massage Therapist

I’m very excited to join the Harmony Chiropractic family.

I’ve been active all my life. In middle school I became involved in swim leagues. I swam all year long from that point forward. I began training, lifting weights and really exercising with purpose. By my junior year in high school I was occasionally getting back pain. If I knew then what I know now! But not knowing what I do, I did nothing

Fast forward 15 years. I was working in my cubicle, hunched over my keyboard, getting shooting pains across my mid-back which took my breath away. It was at this time I was introduced to the life altering care that is Chiropractic!! Relief from pain is what first brought me into the clinic. It was what I learned in the clinic that kept me coming back. I figured out that Chiropractic care just made sense and I wondered why this little gem was being kept under wraps.

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Another few years down the road and I found myself at a career crossroads. Soul searching brought me to Massage Therapy. I attended National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) at night. I choose NUHS because the program focused on applying Massage Therapy to Chiropractic. I firmly believe the two are like a good PB&J…they go together!

Joining Harmony Chiropractic has been a great move for me. I’ve worked in other clinics and not always felt patient care was first and foremost. That is not the case here. When you come to the office I’ll be the first person to greet you and start you on your Chiropractic journey. Not only do I run the front desk, but I’m available to provide customized therapeutic massage at Harmony Chiropractic. I love knowing that Dr. Curt and I can discuss a patients particular issues and I can customize a massage session that will help the patient achieve optimal health! Being a Therapist allows me to help people move beyond a place of pain and dysfunction. Knowing that gives me more satisfaction than I could have imagined!

Jennifer Spejcher, Office Assistant

Jennifer Spejcher, Office Assistant

Jennifer Spejcher, Office Assistant

My name is Jennifer Spejcher. I am a Junior at Rosary High School and a honor student. I like to play volleyball and piano. My goal in life is to become a chiropractor or a medical doctor, I have been working at Harmony Chiropractic since May 2016, and I have been a patient of Dr. Buss since 2013. I have seen the benefits of Chiropractic first hand, and I highly recommend it. My position here provides me great exposure in my potential area of study. I am very excited to learn more about Chiropractic and meet new people.

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